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Paul Davis Flood Removal Pros

Moisture issues can happen for multiple reasons. Water damage can happen because of storms, broken plumbing, and leaking appliances. Paul Davis is available for 24/7 water damage restoration to your Houston, TX home. We work with insurance companies to ease the worry caused by flood damage.

Professional Remediation for Your Property

When water damage takes over your home, it’s imperative to take urgent action. We will reach you in a timely manner when you speak to the restoration specialists at Paul Davis in Houston, TX. Mold growth can begin and cause health issues. The more quickly you contact Paul Davis Restoration, the less damage there will be to your home.

Our Team’s Process

We will get started on a damage evaluation of your home right when we arrive. Before we begin any work, we will provide you a breakdown of the cost of repair. We can provide you with the most accurate approximation because our technicians in Houston, TX are trained well in water damage repair.

Excess Water Removal

As soon as our pros assess the level of damage, we start the water extraction process to clean your home of extra flood water. By implementing industrial strength vacuum pumps to eliminate the water out of your home, Paul Davis will purge as much extra water as we can. The probability of further mold growth lessens once this cleaning process is finished. Our advanced moisture detectors locate leftover water in your walls, ceilings and floors.


Your home may not be entirely dry, even after removing lots of moisture. We may need to remove carpets to prevent further damage to the sub floor. In order to quicken the ventilation process, our Paul Davis professionals next move to dehumidifiers. To prevent harmful mold growth, we will ensure we are as thorough as possible.

Sanitizing and Cleaning Your Home

When flooding affects your home, it can emit a sickly odor. personal possessions will likely require odor removal. Finally, we use sanitizing and disinfecting solutions to remove bad odors, including cleaning your carpets and carpet cushions.


The final thing to make your house feel like home again is a reconstruction procedure. The vulnerable sections of your home will be repaired. Get in touch with our experts in Houston, TX when your home experiences water damage. When you live in a home with flood or water damage, we will help you take off some of the stress.