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Wind and Storm Damage Repairs in Houston, TX

Your Houston, TX home can endure storm damage when you are the least prepared for it. There are many things that can significantly alter your home like wind, water and debris. Our main priority is to repair direct hazards quickly, regardless of exterior or interior damage.

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What You Can Expect From Storm Damage

Very destructive storms occur all across the country. However, the weather in TX can be especially menacing. Your home can sustain serious damage from storms that come across your path. This damage can be small or it can be completely destructive.

You’ll want to fix your home as quickly as you can, whether you’ve experienced a tornado or a severe thunderstorm. With these kinds of storms comes strong wind, heavy rain, and electricity outages that have a negative affect your residence. Tornado damage repair from Paul Davis is among the fastest ways to renew your home after dangerous weather strikes.

If you can’t get out of your home to patch exterior damage, it can be nerve racking. This is why blizzards are equally as detrimental. Fast winds and heavy snow could potentially cause roof damage, hurt the exterior of your home, and even level trees and electric poles. Large amounts of heavy snow and very low temperatures can snap utility lines and freeze plumbing, causing hazardous problems. In the event your residence deals with winter storm damage, call Paul Davis for service.

Our Emergency Response Team

We offer 24/7 emergency services to Houston, TX because we understand that hazardous weather can hit unexpectedly, at any given moment. When you request prompt service, day or night, we promise to respond to your request.

Following storm damage, we will arrange emergency board up services. Any portions of your home that correlate directly with To stop added water leakage and returning weather conditions, we can temporarily tarp your roof to protect you and your family.

Of course, these emergency services are not meant to be permanent. We will give you a storm destruction quote and recommendations for what needs to be fixed to make your Houston, TX home safely functional again.