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Water Damage Cleanup Professionals

Flood or damage originate from multiple things. Flooding can be a result of storms, broken pipes, and overflowing appliances. 24/7 water cleanup is an option for your Galena Park, TX property, provided by Paul Davis Restoration. We will work with insurance companies to ease the worry caused by water damage.

Immediately Get in Touch With Us

To prevent further harm resulting from water, it’s important to act fast. We will reach you in a timely manner when you speak to the experts at Paul Davis in Galena Park, TX. Mold development can start and create significant health issues. If you contact Paul Davis as soon as possible, there will be less damage to your home.

Home Assessment

We will start a damage evaluation of your home right when we get there. Before we begin any work, we will provide you the most exact estimate we can. We can give you the most accurate estimate because our experts in Galena Park, TX have been trained well in water or flood damage renovation.

Excess Water Elimination

We quickly start removing surface flood water from your property as soon as you approve our service estimate. In order to eliminate as much excess water as we can, the Paul Davis team implements pumps. This procedure will quicken the drying time and lessen the probability of hazardous mold growth. Our high quality humidity-detecting instruments locate remaining moisture in your drywall surfaces.

Drying Out Your Home

When lots of moisture has been eliminated, your property may look dry, but it isn’t. To prevent added harm to the sub floor, we may need to replace the carpets. To The air movers and dehumidifiers we team of use will help with quickening the drying process. We want to make sure we are as detailed as we can be so dangerous mold growth can be prevented.

Sanitizing and Cleaning Your Property

When flooding affects your property, a stale odor lingers in inside. Odor neutralization is necessary for fabric materials. We will make sure your Galena Park, TX home is dry, safe and clean by using our antibacterial products to eliminate germs and our antimicrobial products to lessen growth.


The final thing to make you feel at home again is a rebuilding process. Repairs can be minor, such as replacing carpet, drywall, or repainting. More major restoration may include reconstructing areas of your home. When it comes to water damage, contact the experts in Galena Park, TX. When you live in a home with flood and water damage, we will assist you alleviate some of the stress.