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Flood Damage Repair in Houston, TX

There are several problems that can result in flood and water damage. Inclimate weather, damaged pipes, and leaking household items can result in water damage. Year-round water assistance is available for your Houston property, provided by Paul Davis Restoration. Our team is special because we collaborate with your insurance company to prevent oversights or further problems.

Don’t Let the Problem get Worse

Avoiding remediation after any flooding can harm your property further. We will reach you quickly when you get in touch with the restoration specialists at Paul Davis in Houston, TX. Health issues can occur because of mold growth. If you speak to Paul Davis sooner, your home will take on less damage.

Home Estimate

Your home will receive a damage assessment immediately when we arrive. Prior to beginning our work, we will provide you the most accurate estimate possible. Because our Houston, TX technicians have been trained extensively in flood or water damage renovation, we can provide the most accurate estimate possible.

Excess Water Elimination

Shortly after our pros know the amount of work to be done, we start the water extraction process to rid your property of remaining water. Our team removes flood water from your property with the help of vacuums. This process will speed up the ventilation time and lessen the likelihood of harmful mold growth. Using state of the art instruments, we identify remaining dampness in your ceilings, walls and floors.


Your property may not be completely ready, even after removing large amounts of water. Your carpets may need to be taken out to avoid damage to your sub floor. In order to speed up the drying steps, the Houston, TX experts then move to air movers and dehumidifiers. So unhealthy mold growth can be prevented, we want to make sure we are as careful as possible.

Cleaning Up the Aftermath

Bad odors can linger when flooding damages your property. fabric items By using our antibacterial products to eliminate germs and our antimicrobial products to reduce mold growth, we will make sure your Houston, TX home is dry, clean and safe.

Final Repair and Restoration

The last step is restoration processes that will make you feel at home again. Repairs can be minor, such as replacing carpet, drywall, or repainting. More major fixes may include reconstructing areas of your home. When your home has water damage, call up the specialists at Paul Davis in Houston, TX. We want to help you lighten some of the stress that comes with having a flood-damaged home.