Water Damage Cleanup Professionals

There are multiple reasons that can result in flood and water damage. Bad weather, busted plumbing, and malfunctioning fixtures are just the most common causes of flooding. Year-round flood and water assistance is an option for your Katy, TX property, thanks to Paul Davis. The Paul Davis team is one of the few who works with your insurance provider to prevent mistakes or future problems.

Don’t Allow the Damage Worsen

Delaying remediation after moderate flooding can harm your property more. We will respond quickly when you speak to the experts at Paul Davis in Katy, TX. Mold growth can make health issues occur. There will be less damage to your home if you speak with Paul Davis quickly.

Home Assessment

We will immediately get started on a damage assessment of your home when we arrive. We will provide you with the most exact estimate we can before beginning work. We can present you with the best estimation because our technicians in Katy, TX have been trained thoroughly in flood and water damage repair.

Removal of Excess Water

The Paul Davis experts promptly start cleaning out standing flood water from your property when you agree to our service estimate. In order to remove as much extra water as we can, our team uses pumps. This process will accelerate the waiting time and lessen the likelihood of harmful mold growth. Our advanced humidity-detecting instruments locate remaining moisture in your walls, ceilings and floors.

Home Drying

Your property may not be totally ready, even after removing lots of water. We may need to remove carpets to prevent further harm to the sub floor. The experts will use air blowers and dehumidifiers to quicken the process. We want to make sure we are as thorough as we can be so threatening mold growth can be prevented.

Cleaning Up the Aftermath

Unpleasant odors can hang on when your property is hit with standing water. Deodorization is helpful for furniture, upholstery and clothing. To make sure your Katy, TX home is safe, clean and dry,we will use our antibacterial germ treatment and antimicrobial mold growth treatment.

Final Restoration and Repair

The final step we will take to make your home feel normal again is a restoration process. Repairs can be minor, such as replacing carpet, drywall, or repainting. More major restoration may include reconstructing areas of your home. When your home has flood and water damage, call up our specialists at Paul Davis in Katy, TX. We want to help you take off some of the stress that comes with having a home with flood and water damage.