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Paul Davis Flood Removal Pros

There can be multiple causes of flood and water damage. Water damage can happen because of storms, busted pipes, and overflowing household items. Whatever form disaster takes, keep in mind that the Paul Davis team offers year-round response for flood damage in your Katy home. The Paul Davis team is unique because we collaborate with your insurance provider to prevent mistakes or further problems.

Get in Touch With Us Immediately

To avoid future problems caused by flooding, it’s crucial to act fast. Contact the restoration professionals at Paul Davis Restoration in Katy, TX and we will respond immediately. Mold growth can make health issues occur. If you speak with Paul Davis Restoration sooner, there will be less damage to your home.

Home Estimate

We will get started on a damage review of your home immediately when we get there. Before beginning any work, we will give you a breakdown of the pricing of restoration. Because our Katy, TX technicians are trained thoroughly in flood and water damage repair, we are able to provide the most accurate estimate possible.

Extraction of Excess Water

We promptly start extracting surface moisture from your home once you approve our cost estimate. In order to eradicate as much extra damaging water as we can, our team implements pumps. The likelihood of dangerous mold growth lessens once this suction process is complete. Our pros locate water with top of the line moisture detectors in your drywall surfaces.

Drying Your Home

After large amounts of water has been eliminated, your home may look dry, but it isn’t. Your carpets may need to be removed to avoid damage to the sub floor. In order to The air movers we team of use will prompt with speeding up the drying process. We want to make sure we are as detailed as possible so harmful mold growth can be avoided.

Sanitizing the Area

When your home has been hit by flooding, it can give off a sickly scent. Your furniture, upholstery and clothing We will use our antibacterial germ products and antimicrobial mold growth products to make sure your Katy, TX home is dry, safe and clean.

Final Restoration

The final thing to make you feel at home again is a reconstruction process. We will repair the weak areas of your home. Get in touch with the professionals in Katy, TX when your home has flood damage. When you have a home with flood and water damage, let us help you lighten some of the stress.