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Flood Damage Restoration in Richmond, TX

There are a variety of problems that can cause flood or water damage. Water damage can be a result of bad weather, leaking pipes, and overflowing household items. The Paul Davis team is available for 24/7 flood damage restoration to your Richmond, TX home. We collaborate with your insurance coverage to ensure the flood damage is taken care of so your home can be restored without worry.

Expert Remediation for Your Property

Delaying cleanup after serious water damage can damage your home more. Contact the Paul Davis team near Richmond, TX anytime, so we can act quickly. Mold growth can make health problems develop. Calling Paul Davis Restoration will result in less damage to your home.

Home Assessment

We will get started on a damage review of your home right when we get there. Prior to beginning our work, we will provide you with the most exact estimate possible. Because our Richmond, TX technicians are trained thoroughly in flood damage renovation, we are able to provide the most correct estimate possible.

Excess Water Extraction

The Paul Davis experts quickly initiate extracting standing moisture from your home when you agree to our service estimate. To successfully purge as much excess water as possible, our team uses vacuum pumps. This will speed up the waiting time and lessen the odds of hazardous mold growth. By implementing high quality infrared cameras, we identify remaining dampness in your drywall surfaces.

Home Drying

After large amounts of moisture has been eliminated, your home may look done, but it isn’t. We may need to remove carpets to avoid additional damage to the sub floor. Our Richmond, TX Paul Davis experts next accelerate the ventilation steps using air blowers or dehumidifiers. To avoid hazardous mold growth, we want to ensure we are as thorough as possible.

Sanitizing the Area

When your home has been hit by flooding, a stale smell lingers in your property. Smell elimination is necessary for furniture, upholstery or clothing. To make sure your Richmond, TX home is clean, safe and dry,we will use our antibacterial germ products and antimicrobial mold growth products.

Final Repair and Restoration

The final thing to make your house feel like home again is a restoration process. The vulnerable parts of your home will be fixed. Contact our experts in Richmond, TX when your home experiences flood damage. We want to help you alleviate some of the stress that comes with having a home with water damage.